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Director’s Word

My name is Dr. DeLon Canterbury, and I am a pharmacist committed to treating our patients as if they are my family. Nothing inspires me more than hearing the stories about their cherished memories, life lessons, and gaining from the wisdom of so many high-spirited, and almost unconquerable elderly patients. What brought me to pharmacy stemmed from my Guyanese family roots, where every illness was treated by something natural and plant-based.


My mom was notorious for boiling all types of herbs and bitters to help “cleanse the blood” for myself along with my younger siblings, who grimaced at the fact that it was that time of year again. I always wondered what was the magical, special thing in these plants and herbs that helped me and my siblings to recover from ailments such as colds, allergies, or skin irritations. I became driven to dedicate my life to using the knowledge and understanding I gained to contribute to the successful healing of people through the use of carefully prescribed medications and assessing quality health outcomes. 

Mission Statement

GeriatRx is committed to providing families with peace of mind through high quality evidence-based medication management for our most vulnerable patients, the elderly.

Three Generations

Dr. DeLon Canterbury's Story

Ever since graduating from the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 2014, I dedicated my career to serving low income and rural socioeconomic populations through multiple avenues of community service and volunteerism ranging from Henderson, NC to across the Raleigh-Durham Triangle. Having a majority rural, low-income, and geriatric population I realized that if you don’t have someone to help motivate and support those patients then you are going to have a very difficult time in having your patient take the medications as prescribed to them. I thrived on being a community resource and trusted figure in the Henderson and Durham communities. Yet, the biggest challenge my family faced was when my grandmother, Mildred, started declining due to her dementia, and had to move from Brooklyn to Georgia with his parents. My parents both worked endlessly in trying to accommodate, but we kept finding her wandering out of the house and unintentionally hiding valuables. We never understood why she rapidly deteriorated, until a local pharmacist at her clinic in Georgia identified that she had been erroneously prescribed duplicate medications that lead to her having severe side effects. This solidified my calling towards treating their most vulnerable population, and I never want to see my patients or my parents struggle as much as mine did when catering to Granny. This is why GeriatRx was founded, so that my patients know that you have a trusted health professional treating their loved ones as if they are my own family and fighting for you every step of the way!

History of Company

GeriatRx is your personal pharmacist-lead consulting service that focuses on not only on chronic medication management, but identifies that there is a lack of support for parents that are caregivers or for the elderly who need help in maneuvering a very difficult health care landscape. We pride ourselves on being your advocate alongside your medical provider in creating the best possible care plan for you or your loved ones while empowering you with health education and invaluable resources. Dr. DeLon Canterbury is a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist who founded GeriatRx on the premise that the majority of patients taking 15-18 medications annually are aged over 65, and unfortunately, preventable medication errors cost nearly $21 billion dollars annually. Pharmacists have been shown to not only reduce medication errors that may prevent a trip to the emergency room or hospital, but can lead to savings for you, your family, and overall the health care system. GeriatRx wants to be there for you whenever your most pressing pharmaceutical needs may arise and you need an immediate resource, and we welcome you to join our community.

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