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We believe that an informed community is an empowered community. You can look forward to finding Dr. DeLon on the radio, television, podcasts, and other media channels serving up critical and timely healthcare information, resources, and tips that will help you make informed and life-saving healthcare decisions.

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Get The Full Dose
with Dr. DeLon

Too many Americans are dying from harmful medications and wasting thousands of their hard earned dollars on unnecessary prescriptions. Learn how you can help fight back against our broken healthcare system with the valuable information that Dr. DeLon will be sharing during The Full Dose with Dr. DeLon lecture series.

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Discussing Precision Medicine

So glad to be back on America's Heroes Group Podcast - this time to share some valuable info on #PrecisionMedicine!

Listen to the full interview here:

Contact me if you have questions:

PGx for Pharmacists

It feels great to be recognized and supported by my community of #pharmacists for the work I do to save lives and money!

Thanks for this opportunity to share my story, Behnaz!

Listen to the full interview here:

#PGxForPharmacists #PharmacyPodcastNetwork

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